About the film

Nomadic warriors in the border region of Sudan, Uganda and Kenya have been living at odds with each other for years. The search for water and grazing land frequently leads to violence. Stealing each other’s cattle may even end in manslaughter. PAX and International Sports Alliance support a sports tournament and a peace conference in this region. Sports offers a physical release and brings youth warriors
together to discuss their conflicts and to find possible solutions. The camera zooms in on the warriors’ search for a peaceful alternative. This time the shooting is done with a football and not with a rifle. Together they are playing for peace!

The nomads are from the Karamoja District (North Uganda), the Turkana District (North Kenya), Eastern Equatoria and the Jonglei District (South Sudan). Participating ethnic groups are: Toposa, Murle, Didinga, Jie, Kachipo, Lotuko and Boya from Sudan, Dodoth and Jie from Uganda and Turkana from Kenya.